Our mission

Everfount is an end-to-end agroveterinary management companywith a thoroughbred executive team made up of experts with robust experience in the agriculture, veterinary medicine, management consulting, investment and finance sectors.

The company’s primary thrust is to provide end-to-end services across the agrovet value chain ranging from project financing, supply chain management, production, and provision of bespoke after-sale services.

How we grow

In the short term, we plan to move from high-yield cash crops to constant-yield (monthly revenue) livestock assets. These projects are post-alpha stage projects (that is, pilot versions of them have been run with good success).

Our post-alpha stage projects are of strategically larger scales than preceding pilot projects. Every decision of scale is made from meticulous calculations and analyses aimed at choosing the scale that provides the best return at optimal input levels and least risk.

At EFA Farms

We sell fresh home grown products